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"Flor is by far the MOST AMAZING Doula in Southern California. My husband  and I chose to do a birth center birth at SCM in Irvine. We were quickly briefed on the importance of having a Doula through the process. We were also given a list of Doulas that we could pick from. After contacting several on the list only to discover they were booked for our birth date or I didn't get the "warm and fuzzies" on the phone after speaking with them, I recd a return call from Flor....and boy was I glad!! I immediately felt comfortable with her over our short conversation and we scheduled a time to meet. From our first meeting I knew Flor would be a perfect match for my husband and I. Flor is extremely passionate about her role during the birth process and is very knowledgeable about the birth process, and as a mother, she understands the range of emotions, decisions, apprehensions, and anxieties that other moms are faced with during this life altering process. In addition, she is very open to your individual birth plan and makes sure that all of your wishes and desires are carried out accordingly through your labor and delivery. My husband and I had a 41 hour all natural labor in September and Flor was with us for more than half of that timeframe. She arrived At our home shortly after my husband called her and stayed with us until after our little girl arrived and we were headed back home from the birth center. More importantly, she massaged my back during every single contraction, assisted with changing positions, contacted the midwives when needed, made sure the sweat and hair was kept out of my face, gave positive verbal reinforcement and encouragement, helped direct my husband, and basically made sure I was extremely well cared for the entire time! Her presence was invaluable and honestly you cannot place a dollar amount on the benefit of her services. Looking back on the experience I would stress to all moms hoping for a natural  delivery the importance of hiring a Doula. You may not think you need one, but trust me, you and your husband/partner will benefit from it more than you know. And don't just hire any Doula, hire Flor because there truly is no one like her and I cannot say enough good things about her. She will definitely be a part of our lives and our daughter's life forever...and she will absolutely be present for our next birth!"

"Flor is an incredible Doula. I don't even know where to begin to write a review worthy of her and what she meant to us during the birth of our daughter. I planned a birth center birth at South Coast Midwifery in Irvine and after 56+ hours of natural labor, I ended up transferring to Hoag in Newport Beach. Flor was with us through every stage. She came to our home Sunday and labored with me through the night. Eventually we told her to go home and get some sleep because my contractions weren't progressing. She met us at the birthing center the next morning and stayed with us all day while I labored. She was encouraging, supportive, and utilized rebozo to help ease my pain. When we needed to be transferred to Hoag, she went with us. She left ahead of us to get to the hospital first so everything would be ready when we arrived. She was waiting outside with a wheelchair when we got there. When we were being checked in, she made sure we were happy. She handed out copies of our birth plan to the nurses, explained procedures to us and even offered to get us a new nurse if we didn't like the one assigned to us. While I was giving birth she was right by my side. She stayed into the night until our daughter was born and on top of everything, used our camera to document the entire experience at our request. We were so lucky to have Flor as our Doula and will no doubt be hiring her again for the birth of our next 

"The best choice I could have ever made for the birth of my first baby. Flor was amazing beyond anything I could have asked for, one of the greatest benefits was the ease with which I was able to breast feed and bond with my baby. Flor helped me create a birth plan and took care of informing the hospotal staff.I will definitely be asking her to be my doula for my next baby."

"My wife and I were incredibly happy having Flor as our doula during the birth of our daughter. When my wife was in labor at home on Sunday, Flor came to our house and was a great support to my wife during a difficult labor, encouraging her throughout contractions and helping Jess try different labor positions to help her relax. Since labor was progressing slowly, we all got some sleep and Flor came back first thing the next morning to continue helping Jess when we were admitted to the birthing center. Since my wife was experiencing significant back labor, Flor tried different methods, such as using a rebozo, to help ease her pain and change baby's position. Throughout the process, Flor demonstrated extensive knowledge of the birthing process and was incredibly helpful in supporting us and offering advice to help ease my wife's pain. We unfortunately were transferred to the hospital due to baby's position, and Flor arrived ahead of us and had a wheelchair ready for my wife as soon as we arrived. Once we got situated in this new environment, Flor was an advocate for our birth plan, informing the doctor and nurses of our wishes. In addition, she offered to help get a new nurse if we didn't like the nurse assigned to us. I can't say enough how happy we were with Flor. She supported us throughout a long, difficult labor; she was a continuous advocate for us and our birth plan; she was very knowledgable of the birthing process and offered valuable insights; and she was willing to stay with us for lengthy periods of time for a birth that lasted 50+ hours. We would definitely hire Flor again in the future and would HIGHLY recommend her to other families."

"As a first time mother, I didn't know what to expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or even in the first few days after my sons birth. Thankfully, I was blessed to have my doula, Flor, there to support me for my entire journey into motherhood. Her understanding of the process of pregnancy and labor made me feel at ease and calm that everything would be ok. She was always available to me for my late night questions asking "is this normal" and she stayed by my side for my entire 56 hours of labor.  Flor  helped me to make a birth plan, and she brought it to labor and delivery and helped to communicate my wants and needs to the medical staff so that I could be as comfortable with my labor as possible. She is big on supporting the mothers decisions, whatever they might be. I ended up having a cesarean and since my sons father was not able to be present for the birth, Flor gladly suited up to be with me to hold my hand, and to give encouragement and comfort. She was able to cut my baby's umbilical cord and give him his first skin to skin contact. What touched me the most about my experience with having Flor as my doula, is that I grew to trust her and love her. She came to visit me and my new baby everyday in the hospital as I recovered and even made house visits. I would recommend having Flor as your doula to anyone that is lexpecting. You can be sure to have  someone that is knowledgeable and comforting. And who will support and communicate your decidioms and choices 100% of te time. I wouldn't have changed having Flor as my doula for they world!"

"I thought I was prepared for the big day. We read books, we took a class, we did everything that we thought would prepare us for the delivery day. When that day came I forgot everything in those books and all that class prepared me for. I was a nervous wreck. My wife, Priscilla  and I had been sent home the day before, the baby just wasn't ready to come out and when Priscilla begin with her contractions again we were told we had to wait it out. Flor was by my wife's side from the moment we got to the hospital. For over 24 hours she helped me by rotating turns walking the halls with my very uncomfortable, irratable, and very pregnant wife. She kept my wife comfortable and relaxed.  She new when to step back when my wife and I needed are special time. Flor was the best thing that I could have wished for that day. I honestly don't know how things would have went had she not been there to provide strength, patience, hope and above all love. She made us feel like we were family which I feel is the most important quality to have in her position. No one wants a stranger being involved in something so personal, and Flor was far from that. Thank you Flor from the bottom of our hearts."

"My doula is the best doula ever!!! I can't put into words the gratitude, admiration and love I feel for her. She is the most caring, knowledgable, considerate, encouraging and optimistic doula I've met. I am, we are so blessed to have had her be a part of such a wonderful moment in our lives. I have had 3 prior pregnancies and this one by far is the most memorable and I know a big part of it is due to the experience we shared with her. She made us connect in every way with our baby and allowed us to embrace the moment in every way. She is so loving and I would recommend her over and over to any mom, family that wants a once in a lifetime experience. I love you FLOR! I could never thank you enough for your attention and love towards my family and I!! God bless!"